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by lorenzogavelli

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Seen from Pointe-Noire Interpretation and Observation Centre by bella22301

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Seen from Pointe-Noire Interpretation and Observation Centre

D46A0320.jpg by m.hvidsten

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Lakeville North vs. Farmington, 5-16-24

by tara_frostick

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FiveM_b2944_GTAProcess_jL7HNpi5Ma by henrique307stm

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by DaisyRosalie

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FPA 2024 by FPA S.r.l

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FPA 2024

Palazzo dei Congressi - Roma - 21 maggio 2024 - Foto di Rina Ciampolillo

Food & Relaxation by AZ-Eddy

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Food & Relaxation

21-05-2024 / VISITA PANTANAL by candissematos

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21-05-2024 / VISITA PANTANAL

20240519_131044 by HLG114

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FiveM_b2545_GTAProcess_0z1wn6KiNM by blackveilalex908

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FORTUNE BRAINSTORM Health 2024 by Fortunebrainstormhealth


Tuesday, May 21st, 2024
Dana Point, CA

3:45 - 4:05 PM
Reframing Death: A Better End of Life
Ten U.S. states have legalized medically assisted deaths, with 19 more considering bills to pass this initiative into law. It’s a controversial topic coming into focus as America’s senior population grows and more anecdotes around the experience with assisted death come to light. What’s the likelihood of more support for this movement? Hear from advocates in this space elevating new ideas on the topic of death.

Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, Founder, End Well; Host and Producer, TED Health
Darnell Walker, Death Doula; Filmmaker; Emmy-nominated Children’s Television Writer
Moderator: Jennifer Fields, FORTUNE

Photograph by Stuart Isett/Fortune

by braeden.bussman

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52942681659.jpg by normanorly

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FiveM_b3095_GTAProcess_pmzNFTppGy by canweexist

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@rennecarvalhos-3248.jpg by rennêcarvalho

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053 by hbjn0223

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Street life - Macau by kelvinleeyt72

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Street life - Macau

by laura.zheng.954

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by ghu_marinho

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