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The Mussurana Snake by critterscience

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The Mussurana Snake

The mussurana, aka musurana, is the common name of a group of snake hunting serpents. There are 7 known species of these snakes. They are endemic to Central America and South America and some surrounding islands. Even though these snakes face the threat of habitat destruction, they are abundant but have a decreasing population throughout all their species. They are currently listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.

First the Stats...

Scientific name: Clelia
Weight: Up to 6.3 lbs.
Length: Up to 8.2 feet
Lifespan: Up to 12 years

Now on to the Facts!

1.) Mussuranas engage in ophiophagy (snake eating).

2.) These snakes prey on mice, rats, and lizards and use venom to kill these creatures. They also prey on a variety of snakes, including venomous pit vipers and utilize constriction to kill these animals.

3.) They also go by the names zopilota and cribo.

4.) The mussurana has between 10 - 15 teeth on their upper jaw, followed by 2 enlarged rear fangs, in the back of the jaw. These rear teeth are hollow and used to deliver venom.

5.) These 2 larger back teeth are also used to help push prey into their stomach.

But wait, there's more on the mussurana!

6.) Due to the fact that they utilize both venom and constriction they are called pseudoboas.

7.) Even though they are venomous and lethal to rodents, their venom poses no threat to humans or larger animals, if bitten. They are reluctant to bite, when being handled, anyway.
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2022-12-08_02-50-39 by v.b.r.ykhov

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Sunshine at home ! by Liam Tracy

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10 gradu goizean..

Camera role by tesscarlton556

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Camera role

N-2022-12-08-1850_f by kiso-sky

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Landscape by prasenjitmahanta545

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Winter world by Amber Åkesson

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Winter world

N-2022-12-08-1850_f by hcmsky

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Un rouge pour Noël... Toujours hyper doux. by scholls56

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Un rouge pour Noël... Toujours hyper doux.

2022-12-08_10-51-50 by bernd.sauer61

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by syed.zark63

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2022-12-08_10-51-28 by Ana Chronismus

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Ruínas da igreja Nossa Senhora de Belém by rzpetri

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Ruínas da igreja Nossa Senhora de Belém

Construída em 1780, pelo Padre Torquato Martins de Araújo, fazia parte de um conjunto de residências que formavam uma fazenda de açúcar.
Fonte: Secult-ES.

2022-12-08_10-50-52 by helmutkiss1951

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_DSC8167 by San Diego Gulls

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N-2022-12-08-1850_f by ncsmsky

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PXL_20221207_091124912 by Quentin Boullier

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20091231-7376 by AridAcres

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It's snowing by Calvin Bruhl

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It's snowing